Thursday, January 31, 2013

These Boots Are NOT Made For Walking...

Since I had Kyler, jeans have become a troublesome thing to buy. If they fit around the waist they are generally too long for my short legs, so skinny jeans are a great (and fashionable) alternative when I am having a bad shopping day and need new jeans. So today I wore a cute pair of skinny jeans I recently purchased and a pair of shin high ankle boots that are lined with fur and have the hooks to lace them from the ankle up. Since even skinny's end up a lil too long, they end up bunching up, with the boots I wore with them I only laced them to the ankles, wearing the open top part of the boots over my jeans. Throughout the day I continually got each boot hung up on the other. The laces would get caught in the hooks of the boots. I almost took a really bad fall in front of many other students and a few customers on the floor, I managed to catch my balance though. I made it through the day luckily with no embarrassing falls. I get home and as I'm walking around my car to head to the front door is when it finally happened. I fell face first strait onto the ground. My bag and purse on either side of me. These damned boots! Being that it's freezing outside and it snowed yesterday, the ground did not make a nice soft spot to land and my poor boots need new laces now.

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